Press: Trekking & Transformation Feature Article in the Yogic Herald

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Big news for the team at 180Retreats!

180 Retreats helps our friends and clients reach their peak Self, conquering the inner voice, and becoming a great source of positivity to the world.

We are excited to share a cover article feature and 8-page spread in the Yogic Herald March edition highlighting our Trekking & Transformation Retreats to the Himalayas!

Download the full 8 Page Article PDF Here:
A Retreat to Change Your Life: Everest Base Camp

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And if you’re even considering Everest, contact us! We close registration in 2 weeks and there’s room for you still (2 spaces)!

In this article, we’re reminded that it doesn’t take Everest-like physical strength to make it to Everest, that the biggest obstacle is usually a mental hurdle.  Jordana and 180 Retreats are there to help you with this along the way.

“I learned that 180s don’t need to be so “tough” in order for us to get it. I started 180 Retreats to help my fellow overachievers and dreamers in bringing about radically-aligned life changes with ease and support.”

“At 180 Retreats, we are passionate about empowering individuals to step into their true nature and to support others through acts of kindness and service…On our Annapurna retreat in 2018, one participant wanted to quit on Day 4. He asked me about getting a donkey or a helicopter to fly him out. He had never walked so much and wasn’t someone who participated in fitness. His calves were aching and his mind was telling him he couldn’t do it. We came up with a plan so that he could leave for the trek early each day. One of our guides went with him about 45 minutes before the rest of the group set out each day. This left ample room for him to rest without falling behind. And you know what? He finished the trek with a huge amount of confidence. After conquering himself, this year he’s returning to do Everest with us.”


2 thoughts on “Press: Trekking & Transformation Feature Article in the Yogic Herald”

  1. Jordan you have inspired me please when you get back contact me and I’m ready to get involved !!
    Kathy Caruso

    1. Hi Kathy, I’d love to see you! Come to class at Yoga Nest on Friday or Unplug on Thursday in Santa Monica xoxoxo

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