Food Gratitude Meditation



Our relationship can be fraught with anxiety, guilt over the contents or quantity, and devoid of pleasure and satisfaction if hastily wolfing down snacks and meals in between other life duties. Food can become secondary, eaten as we rather focus our attention on the TV, companions, or life swirling past us.

One can lose sight of the gratitude necessary for the depth of nourishment and life-force we are receiving in every mouthful. In this 15-minute guided meditation accompanied by soft soothing music and sounds, Jordana invites you to pause before your meal or ingredients, to take the time to acknowledge the entirety of the journey necessary for the food to appear before you. Transporting you slowly from seed, harvesting, and visualizing through the faces involved in every step of purchase, creation, and tasting, Jordana asks you to send out gratitude for the food. Beyond this, she requests to visualize the process surrounding your meal. In this, one may come to realize that meals are sacred times, your body is a temple and this a ceremony of the celebration of life!

Herein, you will learn to harness conscious breath, gratitude, and full awareness of the positive effects of food on the body. This meditation is a gentle yet empowering practice for those living with disordered eating habits, struggling with self-esteem, bodily acceptance and trust in the power of food. We encourage persons likely to rush through one meal to the next, or simply a soul needing a foundation meditation from which to build their own daily meal gratitude practice, to join. With her prompts, Jordana meets you where you are, to stand alongside you, and guide you towards a mindful eating experience.

Enjoy and namaste.


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