You Are Worthy of Pause Meditation



“Come to respect your cycles of busyness and pause… of light and dark”, and honour your Being with this soothing 18-minute guided meditation and breath work practice. The intention is to gently move you through stress, tension, and to calm the monkey mind. We get it, we stress too! The hunt for worth and validation externally is consuming, overtaking our joy in life. The rush from work, social situations, projects, and ticking items off to-do lists is endless. No wonder you may feel unsatisfied or frazzled!

Here is the reminder you may need … you are allowed to pause and be. In fact, it is encouraged! Through this guided meditation, Jordana Reim offers the space and time for not only relaxation and a renewed focus in days consumed by do-do-be-be, but an experience of radiating self-love. The intention is that you will realize that your natural state is not one of being frazzled, over-extended, worries abounding, and unhappiness. No, not in the slightest. You deserve not only this brief respite ‘from it all’, but this act of cultivating peace, joy, and purpose.  

This meditation is beautifully suited for Type-A’s, the stressed, uninspired, or weary of life. You may find you emerge with equanimity and ease, relish the time for yourself! Try this today, try to take this time to enjoy the entirety of yourself and environment, with no pressure or expectations. You are allowed to stop. You are allowed to not do. You are allowed to feel ease. All it takes is one pause and breath at a time.



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