The Moon, Planets, and You

Whether you have the books lined up on your shelves and the crystals charging, or skeptically acknowledge the changing faces of La Luna, there is no denying the influence of the Moon on our bodies – specifically, the New and Full Moons.

The New Moon on March 6th, enters us into Pisces, and a remarkable coinciding with Mercury Retrograde on March 5. Even more interesting in the heavens, is that Uranus – that beautiful, big planet of change – is coming into Taurus on the 6th as well, and sort of lingering around there for seven years. Seven years of … good luck? We will get to unpacking this all in a moment, don’t you fret. At 180 Retreats, we enjoy understanding the full scope of that affecting us, and thought we’d delve slightly deeper into this cosmic happening, as well as our meditative and soothing suggestion to get through. Disclaimer: although from credible sources, we are in no way astrological professionals, and simply enjoy a greater understanding of the universal movings around us!

The big fear: Mercury Retrograde

We’ll start with this, it is only for a month. Can we shout it for those in the back? You. Need. To. Get. Through. Only. One. Month. Simple enough, no? So in this month, we are reminded to call in the constant reminder which meditation offers us, that a respite in doing is available at any moment, and often encouraged. Although the occurrence of Uranus and the New Moon may make you feel like a remarkable shift or decision making period should happen, remember that you have the time. There is no need to allow yourself to be pressured, and to focus on the daily grind and events which can become lost as we float in the cosmic rivers.

Mercury Retrograde is infamous for communication issues, and we don’t only mean those between you and your partners or friends, but the internal kind as well. You might imagine that you are one of those captcha ‘I am not a robot’ buttons to click on-line, that you are feeling spun or strung out and really unsure of your humanity or sanity.

Use this space to explore yourself, to dig into where it hurts and – if you can, some traumas are not necessarily to be aired during this tumultuous time – pull up the inner shadows to face the light you emit, or others. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance, but remember that others are experiencing a whole mix-bag as well, and sometimes can simply not hold the space or attention that you desire. We will be sitting down, often, with the ‘Planting the Seeds of Intention’ guided meditation by Jordana, and ensuring that the journal is never far away. Expression, expression, intention, and manifestation. Those are good guidelines for what is around us, use them wisely, and be gentle throughout.

Pisces New Moon: The dream-state is upon us

Ah, the night of darkness and the loss of our seemingly ever-present guide, the Moon. Full and New Moons’ are deeply personal, and there are unique drawings that one may have from them, so do go forth as you find fitting to where you find yourself figuratively in life. The New Moon has the suggestion of a clean-slate, that there is the possibility to enter into another cycle and re-birth, to create and manifest with a renewed energy and intention. There is enough energy circulating for your beliefs and dreams to come into being, if you are willing to direct the energy, to own the want, and to commit to actionable thinking and doing on your side.

Bear in mind, with this New Moon, that she comes in with the energy of Pisces, and that heightened sensitivity, as well as the other features of Pisces such as compassion, creativity, inspiration, and intuition. Consider these as characteristic of yourself affected by the Sun intertwined with Pisces, and thus under the influence of the Moon onto your subconscious. Things are going to flow deeply, be gentle with yourself and you will most likely notice an intensified sensitivity to the under-current energies and vibrations. Trust the intuition, but do not allow the fogginess of emotions to sway you into insecurity and doubt. There is, of course, a duller side to the approaching Moon.

In the expression of the Moon, there is the potential to be entered into a sort of dream-like state, where you are unsure of the correct steps to take and mistrust extending beyond yourself, but into offers, invitations, the expression of others, feelings, and general humanity. It is completely understandable, especially in moments of such heightened possibilities and opportunities for change to occur – you might find that you have expectations, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk that is equally preventing you from flourishing in the light of a new cycle. Your fear is understandable, as is the hesitation perhaps subconsciously designed to protect yourself – yet, remember when you act as if the Universe is on your side, then you might be overwhelmingly surprised by how naturally it all seems to flow.

This moon leads us the astrologically new year and the Equinox of March 21st, when the Sun returns to the beginning point of the zodiac wheel – what a cycle of regeneration and beginnings! We could not more encourage you to energetically embrace the possibilities of change, adventure, growth, and expansion. Take up space, humbly and with goodness, and reveal yourself as open to all that can and should be! To move through this New Moon, we will be engaging in this yoga flow, followed by a deep meditation session and journal expression. 

Yoga With Kassandra

Uranus and her impact: change is inevitable

You know when it is one of those strange warm wind days, when you almost want to look over your shoulder, or refresh for some email you think you should be expecting? This could be the case upcoming, as Uranus ushers in the experience that you just know that a sort of shifting change is approaching. As in the case of such a slow moving and powerful planet, there are shock-waves sent out, but you are unable to put your finger on it or quite step back to see it from all angles yet – you will, that is the innovation Uranus encourages. This niggling is due to the intense intuition of the simultaneous New Moon. The intersection into Taurus is practically revolving around that which is dear to us, the values, and then further towards property, and finances. So here we have the planet of awakenings, combining with a good rejuvenation to re-investigate that which we hold dear. YEAH!

In closing, know that it will be fine.

We cannot reiterate this enough, we can offer advice and insight, but you will still experience the cosmic changes as you will. A friend suggested this ‘Co-Star’ app, give it a try to understand the unique influence of the planets and their movements on your body, Self, and psyche, using your natal chart to determine this. After all, you are of and in the Universe, naturally there would be dust, stars, meteorites to dodge, planets to gape at, and a whole lot of mystery to work through. Go well, and prepare for the 180 shift.

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