Happiness Bundle



The Happiness Bundle includes the following –

– 30 minute Guided Meditation  

-14 minute Guided Meditation

– Happiness and Core values worksheet (printable)

– 10 Affirmation cue cards (printable)

This is a discovery meditation on happiness. During this meditation, you’ll be prompted to write, so have your journal nearby. You’ll tune into some specifics from three time-frames in your life and reflect on what comes up for you within each memory, what made you light up and come alive.

As you move into alignment with your best self, you’ll want to fill up with positivity, happiness and what brings you joy. You’ll bring it both into your mind and then get into the sensations of the heart. How does what makes you happy, as you see it, feel in the heart?

To get the most from this meditation, revisit your writing from this reflection later on in your day or the next day following. Take note of what you wrote and reflect on what it means to you.

Follow the instructions given at the end of the audio.



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