Stress and Anxiety Bundle



There is no greater person able to sit with you in the darkness and turn you towards the light, the ever-glowing inner power, than yourself. With this, comes the responsibility to listen, to feel, to understand, to extend compassion to yourself, and to allow yourself the space, time, and energy to heal. It is not linear, nor easy; yet, it begins with one breath, one moment of pause, and one inclination to move into your best possible Self, for yourself!

In the purchase of this bundle, you are taking the first step towards resolving and living comfortably with – and through – stresses and anxieties, you are meeting yourself wherever you are and committing to a holistically healthier and calmer Self. Although with the inclusion of a worksheet, we encourage you to enter this bundle willing to practice journaling or other creative expression exercises, and to be gentle with yourself in the delicate dealings of trauma and fears. Whether you are deeply rooted in limiting beliefs, unhealthy thought patterns, or feeling pressured by the daily motions, this Anxiety and Stress Bundle is a supportive tool you can call upon in many aspects of your life, and apply daily.

As a lovingly-created combination of some of our most soothing, powerful practices, this Stress and Anxiety Bundle is designed to meet you wherever you are and to work with you in combating traumas and fears. As a gift, it is an expression of care and love, the holding of space for another. Open to all, and inclusive, the Bundle is yours to use as you need, take care and be strong. Included are the following: 

-11 affirmation cards, to serve as reminders of your abilities, assist in mantra creation, and center you in times of anxiety, stress, or fear.

– A Stress & Anxiety worksheet, created for you to work through to identity the source of anxieties and fears, sustainable practices to assist in working through these, and to embrace yourself as a multi-faceted human, wherever you are.

– 2 guided meditations on ‘Breathing Through Overwhelm’ and ‘Worthy of Pause’, teaching you means of returning to your body, breath, and Self in times of unease. These meditations can be foundations in establishing a committed meditation practice.

– A ‘Letting Go’ yoga practice to encourage you to accept yourself exactly where you are, without expectations or pressure.


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